Saturday, October 16, 2010

zach hill vans commercial, unedited

Thursday, October 14, 2010



(:0) = SHOUT OUT
[ ] = GENRE

Eno / Baby's On Fire FROM Here Come The Warm Jets
- ON E'G Records [Experimental Rock]
Fever Ray / When I Grow Up From Self Titled ON Rapid
- Records [Dance]
The Fastbreaks /Waterloo Sunset FROM Give the People
- What They Want ON Sup Pop [Alt. Rock]
Sparks / I've Never Been High FROM Exotic Creatures Of
- The Deep ON Lil' Beethoven [Alt. Rock]
Electric Peace / Big Man FROM Rest In Peace ON Enigma
- Records [Rock]

%%% ON AIR %%% Nomo / Brainwave FROM Ghost
- Rock ON Ubiquity Records Inc. [Jazz]

Albert Band / Ella Tiene El Cabello Rubio FROM Various
- Artist ON Absolute Belter [Rock]
The Black Keys / I Got Mine FROM Attack & Release ON
- Nonesuch Records [Blues Rock]
Blood On the Wall / Stoner Jam FROM Awesomer ON
- Social Registry Ltd. [Rock]
Indian Jewelry / Temporary Famine Ship FROM Free
- Gold [Alt. Rock]
Dead Meadow / Let's Jump In FROM Feathers [Rock]
Los Gritos / Veo Visions FROM Absolute Belter [Rock]

%%% ON AIR %%%

Hella / Try Dis... FROM Chirpin Hard [Rock]
! Grinderman / Heathen Child (Weatherall remix) FROM
- Grinderman 2 ON Mute Records [Rock]
! Grinderman / Worm Tamer FROM Grinderman 2 ON
- Mute Records [Rock]
French Miami / God Damm Best FROM Self Titled [Rock]
Racebannon Sabbath /Bloody Sabbath [Rock]
Electroputas / Pianoblooms FROM 12"EP ON The Social
- Registry [Rock]

%%% ON AIR %%%

Don Ho / Shock The Monkey [Lounge]
Tex Morton / Big Rock Candy Mountain
Dead Kennedys / Your Emotions FROM Fresh Fruit for
- Rotting Vegetables [Punk]
Rangers / Big Rock Candy Mountain [World]
Harry "Haywire Mac" / Big Rock Candy Mountain [Folk]

%%% ON AIR %%%

Frank Zappa / St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast FROM
- Apostrophe [Rock]
Frank Zappa / Father O'Blivion FROM Apostrophe [Rock]
Pere Ubu / Non-Alignment Pact FROM The Modern Dance
- ON Rough Trade [Rock]
Spirit / Natures Way FROM Twelve Dreams of Dr.
- Sardonicus [Rock]
Spirt / Animal Zoo FROM Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
- [Rock]
Halo Benders / Bombshelter Part 2 FROM Don't Tell Me Now
- Indie Rock]


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beany and Cecil - Beany and the Boo Birds



(((in the rain)))

[ ] = GENRE

Health / Death + FROM Daytrotter Sessions 8/26/2009
- ON [Rock]
The Family Shocks / Hessitations FROM MySpace
- [Rock]
:0 Todd Rundgren / Rain FROM Faithful [Rock]
Todd Rundgren / Most Likely You Go Your Way & I'll
- Go Mine FROM Faithful [Rock]
The Kills / Fried My Little Brain FROM Keep On Your
- Mean Side [Alt. Rock]

Jeff the Brotherhood / Mind Ride FROM Daytrotter
- Sessions 3/19/2010 ON [Rock]
Jeff the Brotherhood / Heavy Days FROM Daytrotter
- Sessions 3/19/2010 ON [Rock]
Jeff the Brotherhood / U Got the Look FROM
- Daytrotter Sessions 3/19/2010 ON
- [Rock]
Yardbirds / Lost Women FROM Self Titled [Rock]
! The Books / Chain Of Missing Links FROM The Way
- Out ON Temporary Residence Ltd. [Alternitive]

Ken Nordine / Looks Like It's Going To Rain FROM
- Word Jazz [Spokenword]
Qui / Apartment FROM Loves Miracle ON Ipecac Records
- [Rock]
Lighting Bolt / Rain On Lake I'm Swimming In FROM
- Earthly Delights ON Lighting Bolt [Rock]
:0 Subhumans / Rain FROM From the Cradle to the
- Grave [Punk Rock]
The Bamboos / Like Tears in Rain FROM 4 ON Tru
- Thoughts Ltd. [R&B/Soul]
Liars / The Dumb In The Rain FROM Self Titled ON
- Mute Records [Alt. Rock]
The Jesus Lizard / An Then The Rain FROM Blue
- ON Capitol Records [Rock]
Shonen Knife / Rain FROM 712 ON Zero
- Communications [Alt. Rock]
Bruce Ruffin / Rain FROM Gems From Trojan Records
- ON Sanctuary Records [Reggae]
r Daniel Johnston / I Had Lost My Mind FROM Is and
- Always Was ON Eternal Yep Eye Music [Alt. Rock]
Mission of Burma / After the Rain FROM The Sound,
- The Speed, The Light ON Matador [Alt. Rock]

Nice Nice / Set And Setting FROM Extra Wow ON
- Warp [Alt. Rock]
! Grinderman / Bellringer Blues FROM Grinderman 2
- ON Mute Records [Rock]
! Grinderman / Evil FROM Grinderman 2
- ON Mute Records [Rock]
Abe Vigoda / Don't Lie FROM Reviver ON PPM Records
- [Alt. Rock]
Fish Karma / Lunch With the Devil [Comedy]
Built to Spill / Aisle 13 FROM There Is No Enemy ON
- Warner Bros. [Indie Rock]
! The Books / Group Autogenic II FROM The Way Out
- ON Temporary Residence Ltd. [Alternative]

The Deepsea Goes / The Son On One Side FROM
- Epater Le Bourgeois EP [Blues/Rock]
Bessie Smith with Buck & His Band / Gimmie A
- Pigfoot [Blues]
r Brujeria / Don Quijote Marijuana [Reggaeton]
Okiextremist Moon Dog / Reefer Blues FROM 7" V
- Records ON V Records [Rock]
Eek-A-Mouse / I Love Weed FROM Eek-A-Speeka
- [Reggae]
Baron Lee & The Blue Rhythm Band / Reefer Man
- [Blues]


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