Sunday, April 19, 2009


!) = New Release
r} = Request
[ ]= Genre

Halo Benders/Virgina Reel Around the Fountain  from The Rebels Not In  on  
K Records/[Rock]
Shelter/After Forever  from  Quest for Certainty  on  Revelation Records [Rock]
The Shakey Hands/Air Better Come  from  Lunglight  on  Kill Rock Stars
[Indie Rock]
Henry Mancini/ Mr Lucky  from  CBS TV Series  on  RCA Victor Records

Black Moses/Walk on By  from  Hot Buttered Soul  on  Stax Records [Funk]
Grinderman/Go Tell the Women  from Grinderman  on  ANTI [Alt. Rock]
No Knife/The Red Bedroom  from  No Knife/Nine Days Wonder EP  
on  Dim Mak [Alt Rock]
The Thunderlords/Eat Vegetables  from  Noisy songs for Noisy Kids  on
Thunderlords [Chlidren]
Rico/What You Talkn Bout  from   The Best of Music & Rhythm  on
Jem Records [Reggae]
Ministry/The Nature of Love(Curelty Mix)  from  The Nature of Love EP
on  Wax Trax [Dance]

Trio/Sunday You Need Love Monday Be Alone  from  Da Da Da
on  Island Records [New Wave]
Thee Oh Sees/Adult Acid  from  The Masters Bedroom Is Worth Spending
A Night In  on  Castle-Face Records [Noise Rock]
The Jackets/Get Back With You  from  Dirty Demos  on  Subversiv Records
James E Cunningham/The Hambuger Song  from  didgeridoo.diversions  on
Hoot/Wisdom Recordings [Alternative]
Wax Taylor/Stayed Tuned  from  Tales of the Frogotten Melodies  on
Decon Records [Turntablism]
Jesus Lizard/Sunday You Need Love Monday Be Alone  from  Bang  on
Touch & Go Records [Noise Rock]

!)Fever Ray/If I Had A Heart  from  Fever Ray  on  Rabid Records
Muder City Devils/One Vision of May  from  Thelma EP  on  Sup Pop
[Garage Rock]
The Teddy Bears/To Know Him Is To Love Him  from  The Sixties-Vol 2
on  Unlimited Media [Pop]
Trans Am/Out Moder  from  Liberation  on  Thrill Jockey  [Post-Rock]

Shock Headed Peters/Heart Break Hotel  from  The Kissing of the Gods
on El Records [Post Punk] 
Fantomas/04-14-05 Thursday  from  Suspended Animation  on  Ipecac
Records [Avant-Garde Metal]
Slim Gaillard/Yo Yo Yo  from  Laughing In Rhythm  on  Verve Records
Susumu Yokota/Golden Years  from  Life On Mars  
The Union of A Man & A Woman/Are Your New Shoes Fit For The New Dance
from  The Sounds Of The Union Of A Man And A Woman  on  Jagjaguwar
[Alt. Rock]

Tuesday, April 7, 2009



!) = New Release
r} = Request
2] = 2 for Tuesday

TV Commerical/Frito Bandito  from  You Tube  on  www
Made In Mexico/March on La Migra  from  Gurillaton  on 
Skin Graft Records.
Pere Ubu/GHAH  from  The Tenement Years  on Fontana Records
!) The Bran flakes/Hi  from I Have Hands  on  Illegle Art
Boris/Statement  from  Statement 7"  on  Southern Lord
!) Wavves/Sun Open My Eyes  from  Wavves  on  Fat Possum
r} The Fall/What You Need  from  This Nations Saving Grace  on
Beggars Banquet Records.
Frank Zappa/Montana  from  Over-Nite Sensation  on  Zappa Records
Animal Collective/Summertime Clothes  from  Merriweather Post
Pavillion  on  Domino.
The Clean/Beatnik  from  Compilation  on  Little Axe Records
r} Fish Karma/Cow of My Dreams  from  Teddy In the Sky with Magnets
on  Triple X Records.
!) Negativland/By Truck & Kind of Grumpy  from  Thigmotactic  on
Seeland Records.

J Mascis/Too Hard  from  Sub Pop Singles Club 7"  on  Sub Pop
!) Black Lips/Take My Heart  from  200 Million Thousand  on
Vice Records.
The Birds/Your on  My Mind  from  Say Those Magic Words  on
Ten Years After/ One of  These Days  from  A Space In Time  on
Columbia Records
Procol Harum/Bringing Home The Bacon  from  Grand Hotel  on
Chrysalis Records.
The Yardbirds/Over,Under,Sideways,Down  from Yardbirds  on
Columbia Records.
!) Pizza!/Deforestacion  from Pizza! Compiled  on  ?

Don Tosti's Pachuco Boogie Boys/Pachuco Boogie  on  Arhoolie
King Tubby/The Easy Dub  from  Dance Hall Style Dub  on
Eek-A-Mouse/Georgie Porgie  from  Wa-Do-Dem  on
Greensleeves Records.
!) Fast & Bulbous/Click Clack-Ice Cream For Crow  from
Waxed Oop  on  Cuneiform.
El Chicano/Ahora Si  from  7"  on  Kapp Records


Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hello Earlobes,,,,,

!) = New Release
G) = Gary's  Picks
r} = Request

Rocket from the Tomb\Ain't it Fun  from  Rocket Redux  on  Smog Veil Records
Pere Ubu\George Had A Hat  from  Tenement Years  on  Universal UK
Texas Instruments\The Thing in Apt B  from  7" Lp  on  Matako Mazuri Records
G]Savage Republic\Mavhinery  from  Tragic Fibures  on  Independent Project
Indian Jewlery\Overdrive  from  Free Gold  on  WE ARE FREE
Cop Shot Cop\Suprise,Suprise  from  Ask Questions Later  on  Interscope Records
G]Lungfish\Mated  from  The Unanimous Hour  on  Discord
The Kills\Cheap and Cheerful  from  7" Lp  on  Domino
Man Man\Harpoon Fever  from  Rabbit Habit  on  Anti
G]Charles De Goal\Explosition  from  Algorythmes  on  New Rose Records
Matmos\Rainbow Flag  from  Supreme Ballon  on  Matador Records
Eek-A-Mouse\D'Yer Maker  from  U-Neek  on  Island Def Jam Music Group
G]Residents\Hello Skinny  from  Duck Stab  on  Mute U.S.
The Stooges\No Fun  from  The Stooges  on  Elektra
r}The Entrance Band\Grim Reaper Blues  from  Prayer of Death  on  Myspace
The Switch Trout\Sonic Masters  from  7" Lp  on  Estrus
G]The Creation\How Dose It Feel to Feel  from  Our Music Is Red...  
on  Diablo Records UK
Blodwyn Pig\Dear Jill  from  Ahead Rings Out  on  EMI
G]Dirty Three\I Remember a Time When Once You Used to Love Me
from  Horse Stories  on  Touch & Go Records
r}Slim Gaillard\Serenade To A Poodle  from Laughing in Rhythm
on Verve Records
G]The Telescopes\A Cabin in the Sky  from  ?  on  ?

Thanks for Listening !!


PLAYLIST FOR March 24th,2009

Hi Guys,,,
Sorry about the confusion on
03/24/09 Show...I was told
there was A Baseball game @
Plus the Pain pills I took for
The Broken Right Femur
before the Show,,Didnt help
much (never Again!!)

Listen next week for
more Lunch Time Fun !!


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