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Thursday, June 25, 2009



!) = New Release
r} = Request
:0 = Shout 0ut
[ ] = Genre

:0 The Birthday Party\ Friend Catcher from Self Titled on Missing Link
Records [Post Punk]
Pere Ubu\ George Had A Hat from Tenement Years on Fontana Records
[Post Punk]

ON AIR... The Bamboos\Tighten Up from Step It Up on Ubiquity Records

Suburban Lawns\ Flying Saucer Safari from Self Titled on I.R.S. Records
[New Wave]
The Bran Flakes\Do You Want Salad With Your Taco? from I Have Hands
on Illegal Art [Sound Collage]
Eek-A-Mouse\Ganja Smuggling from Hi Grade Ganja Anthems on
Greensleeves Records [Reggae]
Turkey Bones & The Wild Dogs\Raymond from Purple Noise Sandwich
on MAC I/12" [Swamp Rockabilly]
The Shapes\ Wot's For Lunch Mum?
Grinderman\Depth Charge Ethel from Self Titled on Mute Records [Rock]
Shellac\Mouthpiece & Canada from Terraform on Touch & Go [Noise Rock]

ON AIR...Schleusloz\Detroit Teenage Riot from Running Out Of Time
on Schokokontrol [Easy Listening]

!) Thee Oh Sees\Meat Step Lively from Help on In The Red Recordings
[Garage Rock]
Nobunny\Nobunny Loves You from Love Visions on 1-2-3-4 Go! Records
[Alt. Rock]
King Kahn & The Shrines\Land of Freak from What Is?! on Vice Records
[Garage Rock]
Sam & Dave\Don't Turn Your Heater Down on Stax Records [R&B]
Camper Van Beethoven\Circles from II &III on Pitch A Tent [Alt.Rock]
!) Wavves\ Sun Open My Eyes from Self Titled on Possum Records
Orbit\Where Is My Mind from I Wanna Make You-EP on Lunch Records

ON AIR...Schleusloz\Running Out Of Time from Running Out Of Time
on Schokokontrol [Easy Listening]

The Leaving Trains\Always Between Wars from Well Down Blue Highway
on SST Records [Alt. Rock]
Alvin Lee\Time & Space from Pump Iron on CBS Records [Rock Blues]
Honk\Pipeline Sequence From Five Summer Stories on Granite [Folk Rock]
The Living Daylights\Kat Box Beach from Colleen (Extended Re-Edit)
on Go To Bed Baby Music [Rock

ON AIR...Sly & Robbie\Hang' em High [Reggae]

Blodwyn Pig\Dear Jill from Best of British Blues on Universal [Blues Rock]
r} Great Northern\Houses from Remind Me Where The Light Is on MySpace


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Megasapien Live July 21st,, on George Had A Hat Show !!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Time FUN

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


GEoRge haD A HaT... RADIO SHOW !!!

!) = New Release
r} = Request
:0 = Shout 0ut
[ ] = Genre
G) = Gary's Goodies

Shellac\ The End Of Radio from Excelent Italian Greyhound
on Touch & Go Records [Noise Rock]
Pere Ubu\ George Had A Hat [Post Punk]
Dirty Three\ No Stranger Than That from She Has No Strings Apollo
on Touch & Go [Post Punk]
G) Giant Sand\ Town Where No Town Belongs

>ON AIR< class="Apple-style-span" color="#CC0000">from Sticky
Bhangra on Invisible Records [Rock]

That 1 Guy\ Orange from The Moon Is Disgusting on??????
Zeni Geva & Steve Albini\ The Model from All Right,You Little Bastards!
on NG Records [Noise Rock]
:0 Rapeman\ Kim Gorden's Panties from Two Nuns & A Pack Mule
on Touch & Go [Noise Rock]
Brainiac\ Pussyfootin from Hissing Pigs In Static Couture on Touch & Go
[Electronic Rock]

>ON AIR< class="Apple-style-span" color="#CC0000">from Atlantic Jazz
on Atlantic [Jazz]

G) Animals & Men\ Shop Talk from Never Bought Never Sold on
Mississippi Records [Rock]
G) Clinic\Magic Boots [Art Punk]
Big Black\ Racer X from Racer X on Homestead Records [Noise Rock]
Slint\ Warren from Tweez on Touch & Go Records [Post Rock]
r} Scratch Acid\ Canniabal from Scratch Acid (EP) on Fundamental
[Noise Rock]


Cicone Youth\ Burnin' Up from 12" EP on Blast First [Alt. Rock]
G) The Moving Finger\ Finger Pop Shake A Finger [R&B/Soul]
:0 The Meters\ Chicken Strut from Struttin' on Atlantic [R&B/Soul]
r} Rufus Thomas\ Do The Funky Chicken on Stax Records
G) The Nurses\ I Can Explain [Indie]

>ON AIR< class="Apple-style-span" color="#CC0000">from Brunswick Top 40
on Brunswick Records [R&B/Soul]

G) The Beast of Bourbon\ Psyco from The Axmans Jazz [Rock]
:0 Thee Oh Sees\ Adult Acid from The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending
a Night In on Tomlab [Alt. Rock]
Scrach Acid\ Owners Lament from Self Titled on Fundamental [Noise Rock]



Saturday, June 13, 2009


George Had a HAT... Radio SHOW

!) = New Release
r} = Request
:0 = ShoutOut
[ ] = Genre

Severed Heads\Good Bye Tonsils from City Slab Horror on Ink Records
Pere Ubu\George Had A Hat from Tenement Years on Fontana [Post Punk]
Todd Rhodes\Rocket 69 from Risque Blues on Gusto Records [Blues]
The Family Shocks\Transexual on

>ON AIR<> [Soundtrack]

:0 Megasapien\Rose in Fist on [Rock]
Trans Am\Climbing Up the Ladder from Sex Change on Thrill Jockey Records
The Swallows\It Ain't The Meat from Risque Blues on Gusto Records [Blues]
r} Rainbow Arabia\Holiday in Congo on [Zouk]
The Mae Shi\7xx7 from Hlllyh on Team Shi [Dance Rock]

>ON AIR<> [Jazz]

Shellac\Canada from Terraform on Touch & Go Records [Noise Rock]
r} Pere Ubu\Dub Housing from Dub Housing on Chrysalis Records [Rock]
Pere Ubu\Not Happy from Terminal Tower on Rough Trade Records [Rock]
Animal Collective\Leaf House\Who Could Win a Rabbit from Sung Tongs
on Fat Cat Records [Freak Folk]
!) Fever Ray\If I Had a Heart from "Self Titled" on Rabid Records [Electronic]
Blood on the Wall\It's So Strange from "Self Titled" on Social Registry

>ON AIR<> [Easy Listening]

!) The Rippers\My Brown Friend from Why Should I Care About You? on
Slovenly Recordings
The Black Keys\Psychotic Girl from Attack & Release on Nonesuch Records
[Rock Blues]
Linval Thompson\Marijuana from Smoke The Herb on VP Records
Indian Jewlery\Africa from Free Gold on We Are Free [Noise Rock]
Jesus Lizard\Sunday You Need Love from Bang on Touch & Go [Rock]
Parts & Labor\Wedding In A Wasteland from Receivers on Jagjaguwar
[Alt. Rock]

>ON AIR<> [Easy Listening]

Husker Du\Flip Your Wig from Flip Your Wig on SST Records [Alt. Rock]
Ten Years After\One of These Days from A Space In Time on Chrysalis Records
[Blues Rock]


Sunday, June 7, 2009

STUFF TO DO in Switzerland

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday 06.20.09: Echo presents SHELLAC / ARCWELDER @ echoplex


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


George Had a Hat !!          Radio Show

!) = New Release
r} = Request
:0 = Shout 0UT
[ ] = Genre

Billy Cox & Buddy Miles\Manic Depressions  from  The Band Of Gypsys Return
  on  Experience Hendrix  [Rock]
The Bran Flakes\Feelings  from  Hey Won't Somebody Come & Play ?  on
  Happy Tyme Records [Pop]
Big Black\Sleep!  from  The Hammer Party  on  Homestead  [Noise Rock]
Pere Ubu\george Had A Hat  from  Tenement Years  [Post Punk]

  >ON AIR<  A Bit Crusher\Less is More,More is Less  from Sample + Hold
                     on  Unschooled Records  [Sampler]

Blood on The Wall\Liferz  from  Liferz  on  The Social Registry  [Alt. Rock]
Inca Babies\Born Under A Bad Sign  from  Dim Mak Sampler 2005-2004
  [Post Punk]
!)  Wavves\Rainbows Everywhere  from  Wavves  on  Fat Possum  [Surf Rock]
The Shaky Hands\Love of All  from  Lunglight  on  Kill Rock Stars  [Indie Rock]
Downy Mildew\The Drive  from  EP  [Pop Rock]

  >ON AIR<  Googie Rene Combo\Smokey Joe's La La  [R&B]

Rebelution\Safe & Sound Dub  from  Courage to Grow  on  Rebelution
Bushman\Sensimillia  from  Live In Paris  on  Ajang Records  [Reggae]
Eek-A-Mouse\I Love Weed  from  Eek-A-Speeka  [Reggae]
Pato Banton\Don't Sniff the Coke  from  Never Give In  on  Cornerstone RAS
Rupie Edwards\Free The Weed  from  Trojan Ganja Reggae  [Raggae]

  >ON AIR<  King Tubby's Dance Hall Style Dub\From The Grass Dub

The Evolution Control Committee\Star Spangled Bologna  [Electronic]
The Bran Flakes\Top  from  Bounces  on  Happi Tyme Records [Children]
The Bran Flakes\Autum  from  Bounces
The Bran Flakes\Good Time A Goo Goo  from  Bounces
Jesus Lizard/Monkey Trick  from  Goat  on  Touch & Go  [Noise Rock]

  >ON AIR<  The Bran Flakes\Dreamy Lore  from Bounces  on  Happi Tyme

Florance & The Machines\Kiss With A Fist  from  7"  on  Digital Download
  [Indie Pop]
Pig Face\Kiss King  from  Preaching To The Pevereted  on  Invisible Records
Wire\Dot Dash  from  And Here It Is...Again...  on  Sneaky Pete Records
  [Post Punk]


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