Saturday, June 13, 2009


George Had a HAT... Radio SHOW

!) = New Release
r} = Request
:0 = ShoutOut
[ ] = Genre

Severed Heads\Good Bye Tonsils from City Slab Horror on Ink Records
Pere Ubu\George Had A Hat from Tenement Years on Fontana [Post Punk]
Todd Rhodes\Rocket 69 from Risque Blues on Gusto Records [Blues]
The Family Shocks\Transexual on

>ON AIR<> [Soundtrack]

:0 Megasapien\Rose in Fist on [Rock]
Trans Am\Climbing Up the Ladder from Sex Change on Thrill Jockey Records
The Swallows\It Ain't The Meat from Risque Blues on Gusto Records [Blues]
r} Rainbow Arabia\Holiday in Congo on [Zouk]
The Mae Shi\7xx7 from Hlllyh on Team Shi [Dance Rock]

>ON AIR<> [Jazz]

Shellac\Canada from Terraform on Touch & Go Records [Noise Rock]
r} Pere Ubu\Dub Housing from Dub Housing on Chrysalis Records [Rock]
Pere Ubu\Not Happy from Terminal Tower on Rough Trade Records [Rock]
Animal Collective\Leaf House\Who Could Win a Rabbit from Sung Tongs
on Fat Cat Records [Freak Folk]
!) Fever Ray\If I Had a Heart from "Self Titled" on Rabid Records [Electronic]
Blood on the Wall\It's So Strange from "Self Titled" on Social Registry

>ON AIR<> [Easy Listening]

!) The Rippers\My Brown Friend from Why Should I Care About You? on
Slovenly Recordings
The Black Keys\Psychotic Girl from Attack & Release on Nonesuch Records
[Rock Blues]
Linval Thompson\Marijuana from Smoke The Herb on VP Records
Indian Jewlery\Africa from Free Gold on We Are Free [Noise Rock]
Jesus Lizard\Sunday You Need Love from Bang on Touch & Go [Rock]
Parts & Labor\Wedding In A Wasteland from Receivers on Jagjaguwar
[Alt. Rock]

>ON AIR<> [Easy Listening]

Husker Du\Flip Your Wig from Flip Your Wig on SST Records [Alt. Rock]
Ten Years After\One of These Days from A Space In Time on Chrysalis Records
[Blues Rock]



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