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PLAYLIST FOR May 26th,2009

                                       George Had A Hat !      Radio  Show...

!) = New Release
r} = Request
:0 = Shout Out
[ ] = Genre

Mahavishnu Orchestra/Miles Beyond  from  Birds of Fire  on
  Columbia  [Jazz Fusion]
The Stooges/I Wanna Be Your Dog  from  Vietcong Purple Haze Intro
  on  You Tube  [Soundtrack]
Foetus/(You Got Me Confused with) Someone Who Cares  from  Flow
  on  Thirsty Ear  [Industrial]

>ON AIR<  Alan Parker/Punch Bowl  from  Sound Gallery Vol.1
                     [Easy Listening]

Torch/Vampyro  from  "Self Titled" Re-Issue  on  Robotic Empire
Pere Ubu/George Had A Hat  [Post Punk]
The Birthday Party/Friend Catcher  from "Self Titled"  on  4AD
  [Post Punk]
r} Gestapo Khazi/Smoke Signals  from  MySpace
The Lonely Duck/Futher From the End  from  MySpace

>ON AIR<  Sperm Swamp/Fermented Anal Nectar  from  If
                     Abortion is Muder,Masterbation is Genocide  on 

Fear/Lets Hav A War  from  The Record  on  Slash Records
:0 The Creepers/Baby's On Fire  from  Miserable Sinners  on 
    In Tape Records  [Post Punk]
r} The Knife/One Hit  from  Silent Shout  on  Rabid Records
Blood Brothers/Under Pressure  from  Dynamite With A Laserbeam
  [Art Punk]
Boss Hog/I'm Not Like Everybody Else  from  Suburbia Motion Picture
  [Punk Blues]

>ON AIR<  Bostich/Polaris  from  Tijuana Sessions Volume 1  on  Palm
                     [Rock Latino]

Jeff Beck/Blue Wind  from  Wired  on  Epic Records  [Instrumental Rock]
:0 Jesus Lizard/Dancing Naked Ladies  from  Liar  on Touch & Go Records
    [Noise Rock]
Battles/Dance  from  Dim Mak 2004-2005 Sampler  on  Dim Mak  
  [Expermental Rock]
That 1 Guy/Dig  from  The Moon Is Disgusting  on  Pop-Ten  [Expermental]
!) The Strange Boys/This Girl Taught Me to Dance  from  The Strange Boys &
   Girls Club  on  In The Red Records  [Garage]

>ON AIR<  Barry Gray/Thunderbirds Are Go!  from  Thunderbirds  

Straightjacket Fits/She Speeds  from  In Love With These Times  on
  Flying Nun Records
Home & Garden/King Penguin  from  History & Geography  [Alt. Rock]
The Three Johns/Death of A European  from EP  on  Abstrract Records
  [Post Punk}

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PLAYLIST FOR May 19th,2009

                  GEORGE HAD A HAT !      RADIO SHOW...

!) = New Release
r} = Request
:0 = Shout 0ut
[ ] = Genre

Hassara/Messin Up  from  Backward I-III  on  Threelobed Records
LCD Soundsystem/Draft Punk is Playing at My House  from  Self -Titled
  on  DFA Records  [dance-Punk]
Pere Ubu/George Had A Hat  [Post-Punk]

>ON AIR<  The Joe Loss Concertium/Music to Drive By  from  Sound Gallery
  Volume 1  [Easy Listening]

The Evens/Cut From The Cloth  from  Get Evens  on  Dischord  [Indie Rock]
Shock Headed Peters/Miserable Worm  from  Not Born Beatiful  on  El
  Records  [Post-Punk]
!) The Bran Flakes/Do You Want Salad With Your Taco?  from  I Have Hands
  on  Illegal Art  [Sound Collage]
Chris Stamey & Yo La Tengo/Politician  from V.O.T.E.  on  Rep Roc Records
  [Rock n Roll]
!) Condo Fucks/Accident  from  Fuckbook  on  Matador Records  [Alt-Rock]

>ON AIR<  Matmos/Rainbow Flag  from  Supreme Balloon  on  Matador
  Records  [Electronic/Post-Industrial]

Banana Slug String Band/Dirt Made My Lunch  from Dirt Made My Lunch
  Self-Released  [Children]
Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention/What's The Ugliest Part of Your
  Body?  from  We're Only In It For the Money  on  Verve  [Expermental Rock]
:0 The Ladies/Black Ceasar/Red Sonja  from They Mean Us  on  Temporary
     Residence  [Indie Rock]
The Heavy/Colleen  from  That Kind of Man  on  +1 Records  [Neo-Soul]
The Jackets/I Can't Stop You  from  MySpace  [Rock n Roll]
Japanther/The Riot  from  Don't Trust Anyone Over 30  on Wantage USA

>ON AIR<  Matmos/Polycords  from  Supreme Balloon

Ministry/Psalm 69  from  Psalm 69  on Sire  [Industrial Metal]
Jesus Lizard/Uncommonly Good  from  Bang  on Touch & Go
  Records  [Noise Rock]
r} Scientist/This Is My Happy Hour  from  Blood Red River  on
  Sympathy Records  [Alt Rock]
Jesus Lizard/Deaf As A Bat  from  Bang  on  Touch & Go  [Noise Rock]

>ON AIR<  Young-Holt Unlimited/Soulful Strut  from  The Definitive
                     on  Brunswick Records  [R&B/Soul]

Melvins/Nude With Boots  from  Nude With Boots  on  Ipecac Recordings
  [Sludge Metal]
r} Melvins/The Kicking Machine  from  Nude With Boots
!) Dan Deacon/Woof Woof  from  Bromst  on  Carpark Records
Rupie Edwards/Free The Weed  from  Trojan Ganja Reggae (Box Set)
  on  Trojan  [Reggae]
John Mayall/California  from Turning Point  on  Universal Records
  [Blues Rock]

>ON AIR<  The Bran Flakes/Rodeo Butterfly  from I Have Hands
                     on  Illegal Art  [Sound Collage]

Wire/In The Art of Stopping  from  Send  on  Revoler USA
  [Post Punk]

Thursday, May 14, 2009

PLAYLIST FOR May 12th,2009

!) = New Release
r} = Request
[ ] = Genre

Tones On Tail/Go  from  The Album POP  on  Beggers Banquet
Pere Ubu/George Had A Hat  from  Tenement Years  on  Fontana
Bob & Rita Marley & The Soulettes/Friends and Lovers  [Reggae]
r} Ponytail/Beg Waves  from  Ice Cream Spirtual  on  WE ARE FREE
  [Surf Rock]

>ON AIR<   !)  Handsome Furs/Passport Kontrol  from  Face Control
                      on  Sub Pop  [Inde Rock]

!)  King Kahn & The Shrines/Land Of The Freak!  from  What Is ?!
  on  Vice Records  [Garage Rock]
Liars/Freak Out  from  Liars  on  Mute Records  [Expermental Rock]
Death From Above 1979/Go Home,Get Down  from  Your A Woman,
  I'm A Machine  on  Atlantic Records  [Dance-Punk]
Indian Jewelry/Climbing up the Walls  from  In Love with Loving  7"
  on  ON ON Switch  [Noise Rock]

>ON AIR<  Negativeland/Omnipotent Struggle  from  Thigmotactic  on
                     Seeland  [Experimental]

Foot Village/Crow Call (Anavan Remix]  from  Too Pure 7" Club  on Too Pure
r} X-Ray Specs/Germ Free Adolecents
Wax Taylor/Don't You Remember  from  Tales of the Forgotten Melodies
  on  Le Plan/Lab'Oratoire  [Electronic]
!) Wavves/To The Dregs  from  Wavves  on  Fat Possum Records  [Lo-Fi]

>ON AIR<  The Ramsey Lewis Trio/The In Crowd  [Jazz]

Hot Tuna/Hot Jelly Roll Blues  from  Yellow Fever  on  Grunt/RCA 
!) Double Dagger/No Alies  from  More  on  Thrill Jockey  [Post Punk]
Embrace/Spoke  from  Embrace  on  Dischord  [Post-Hardcore]
Sparks/This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both of Us  from  Kimono My
  House  on Island Records  [New Wave]

>ON AIR<  !) Condo Fucks-AKA Yo La Tengo/Shut Down Part 2  from
                    Fuck Book  on  Matador  [Shoegazing]

Brian Eno/No One Receving  from  Before & After Science  on  E. G. Records
  [Art Rock]
Muddy Waters/You Need Love  [Blues]
The Skeptics/A.F.F.C.O. from  In Love With These Times  on  Flying Nun 
  Records  [Rock]
!) Little Teeth/Japanese Candy  from  Child Bearing Years  on  Absolutely
  Kosher  [Noise Pop]
Cop Shoot Cop/Cause & Affect  from  Ask Questions Later  on  Interscope
  [Industrial Rock]



Tuesday, May 5, 2009


!) = New Relese
r} = Request
[ ] = Genre 
:0 = Shout Out

Huell Howser/Interview with The Clash  on  You Tube  from
  The Clash - 'Lifetimes' TV documentary  [Soundtrack]
Pere Ubu/George Had A Hat  from  Tenement Years  on  Fontana 
  Records  [Industrial Rock]
El Vez/Cinco de Mayo  from  Graciasland  [Mex-Rock]

>ON AIR<  Nortec Collective/Don Loope  from TJ Sessions Vol. 3
                    on  Nacional Records  [Alterternativo & Rock Latino]

Ministry/Step  from  Dark Side of the Spoon  on  Warner Bros.
  [Industrial Metal]
How To Cinco de Mayo/You Tube
El Chicano/Mas Zacate  from  7"  on  MCA Records  [Rock Latino]

>ON AIR<  Negativland/No business  from  No business  on  Seeland                                                                    Records   [Experimental/Sound Collage]

El Chicano/La Cucuracha
Rudy Vallee/Can You Spare A Dime
Jose Feliciano/Chico And The Man Theme
Cat Flushing A Toilet

>ON AIR<  Nortec Collective/Tijuana Makes Me Happy  from  TJ Sessions
                    Vol.3  on  Nacional Records  [Rock Latino]

r} Ministry/Just Got Paid Today  from  Cover Up  on  13th Planet Records
    [Industrial Metal]
Frito Bandito Theme  from  You Tube  [Soundtrack]
r} Cheech & Chong/Mexican American  from  Up In Smoke  on  You Tube
The Kills/M.E.X.I.C.O.C.U.  from  Midnight Boom  on  Domino Records
  [Alt. Rock]

>ON AIR<  Sugar/Clownmaster  from  Besides  on  Rykodisc
                     [Alt. Rock]

The Rev. Horton Heat/Cinco de Mayo  form Space Heater on  UMG 
  Records  [Rock]
Mission of Burma/This is Not a Photograph  on  Signals,Calls & Marches EP
  [Post Punk]
Spencer Davis Group/Goodbye Stevie  from  The Best Of...  on  Capitol Records
   [Beat Group/British Invasion/R&B/Soul]

>ON AIR<  Ray Barretto/Fiesta en el Barrio  from  Viva Watusi  on  West Side
                     Latino Records  [Salsa]

:0 The Hi-Lo's/Button Up Your Overcoat  from  Clap Yo' Hands  on  DRG Lite Price
Mothra Theme/Movie Trailer  from  You Tube  [Soundtrack]
Ghetto Youths Crew,Marley Bros./Kinky Reggae  from  Chant Down Babylon
Boris/Statement  from  Smile  on  Southern Lord  [Psychedelic Rock]

>ON AIR<  Nortec Collective/Nortena del Sur Tubismo Mix)  from
                    Tijuana Sound Machine  [Latino Rock]

War/Cinco de Mayo  from  The Best of...  on  Avenue Records  [R&B/Soul]


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