Sunday, September 18, 2011

Contact Officials - NORML

Contact Officials - NORML

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



(!) = New Add / New Release to Station

Godfathers / Birth, School, Work, Death FROM
- Birth, School, Work, Death ON Epic [Rock]
Ministry & The Co-Conspertiorus / Iron Man FROM
- Undercover ON 13th Planet Records [Industrial/Rock]
Pere Ubu / George Had A Hat FROM Tenement
- Years ON Fontana [Art Punk]
The Almanac Singers / Casey Jones FROM The
- Original Talking Union ON Smithsonian
- Folk Recordings [Folk]
Tex Morton / Big Rock Candy Mountian FROM
- O Brother the Search Continues [Folk]


Procol Harum / Bringing Home the Bacon FROM
- Grand Hotel ON Chrysalis [Progressive Rock]
The Wedding Present / Brassneck FROM Bizarro ON
- [Alt. Rock]
Mission Of Burma / Academy Fight Song FROM
- 7" ON Ace of Hearts [Alt. Rock]
Built To Spill / Aisle 13 FROM There Is No Enemy
- ON ATP Recordings [Indie Rock]

ON AIR Ty Segall / Untitled #2 FROM Lemons
- [Alt. Rock]

Geronimo / Battery Acid Moustache FROM Fuzzy
- Dreams ON Big Cartel [Rock]
Sparks / Moustache FROM The Ultimate Collection
- ON Rhino [Rock]
Fugazi / Waiting Room FROM 13 Songs ON Dischord
- [Post-Hardcore]
Dash Jacket / Forest FROM Romance ON
- Lifes Blood [Power-Pop]
Butthole Surfers /Jingle of a Dogs Collar FROM
- Electriclarryland [Alt. Rock]
Jeff The Brotherhood / Waistoid Girl FROM We Are
- The Champions ON Infinty Cat [Rock]
Heavy Cream / Meow Meow FROM Heavy Cream Ep
- ON Infinity Cat [Rock]

ON AIR Grant Green / Tain't Nobodys Bussiness if I
- Do [Jazz]

The Fall / Portugal FROM The Real Fall Lp ON
- [Post-Punk]
The Fall / Cruisers Creek FROM This Nation's Saving
- Grace ON Beggars Banquet [Alt. Rock]
The Birthday Party / Zoo Music Girl FROM Prayers On
- Fire ON Shock Records [Post-Punk]
Throwing Muses / DIO FROM Red Heaven [Alt. Rock]
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / There She Goes, My
- Beautiful World FROM Abbatoir Blues-The Lyre of
- Orphes ON Anti [Alt. Rock]
! Carnivores / Second Impluse FROM Chandelier ON
- Double Phantom [Indie Rock]
! Battles / My Machines FROM Gloss Drop ON Warp
- [Experimental Rock]

ON AIR ...

then Heather,,, {Rachel Ray's Cookin Accident} &
I talked about stuff i dont remember,,, Im lovin
Radio Flag "Flagers" playin along with the
GHAH Show and the Other's On KUCI 88.9 Fm
"Bitchin Radio From Behind the Orange Curtain "


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