Wednesday, October 17, 2012



(r) = Request

Negativeland / The Smile You Can't Hide From Dispepsi On Seeland

( ! ) Animal Collective / Mecury Man From Centipied Hz
Negativeland / Drink It Up From Dispepsi On Seeland
Gong / Supercotton From Acid Motherhood
( ! ) Dan Deacon / Bad Kid From America On Domino Records
The Halo Benders /
( ! ) Deerhoof / Flowers From Breakup Song

Shellac / Be Prepared From Terraform From Italian Grayhound
Bushpig / Speedy"s Splitting Skin
King Crimson / B' Boom Fron Thrak
Shock Headed Peters / Heartbreak Hotel From The Kissing of the Gods
Acid Baby Jesus / Android Robot From Self Titled
Human Instinct / You Really Got Me From Burning Up Years

The Jackets / Count The Tears From Stuck Inside
The Branflakes / Beathead From I Have Hands
Butthole Surfers / Creep In The Cellar From Rembrant Pussyhorse
Not For Sale / Nuevo Laredo Sincerity From NFS On Rabid Cat Records
Japanther / Bloated Corpse From Tut, Tut, Now Shake Your Butt
Rinoceros / Top of the Ladder From Satin Chickens

Jeff The Brotherhood / Hey Friend We are The Champions
( ! ) Puffy Areolas / By The Hand From Dishornable Discharge
- On Hozac Records
( ! ) Puffy Areolas All Day / All Day From Dishonorable Discharge
- On Hozac Records
 Kid In The Hall / America From You Tube
( r )The Cramps Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
Butthole Surfers / American Woman From Rembrant Pussyhorse
Smith / Baby's It's You 
The Fall / Black Monk Part 1 From Extricate

( r ) The Ravenetts / Chains 
The Human Instinct / You Really Got Me From Burning Up Years
( r ) The Road / She's Not There
Zakary Thaks / Green Crystal Ties
Prefuse 73 / For Some But Not Me From Extinguished: Outtake
That 1 Guy / Buttmachine


R.I.P. The Hombres - Let It All Hang Out - 45 rpm

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Them - Here Comes the Night

The Coasters-Down in Mexico

Beaver Shot - Periscopes

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