Thursday, May 14, 2009

PLAYLIST FOR May 12th,2009

!) = New Release
r} = Request
[ ] = Genre

Tones On Tail/Go  from  The Album POP  on  Beggers Banquet
Pere Ubu/George Had A Hat  from  Tenement Years  on  Fontana
Bob & Rita Marley & The Soulettes/Friends and Lovers  [Reggae]
r} Ponytail/Beg Waves  from  Ice Cream Spirtual  on  WE ARE FREE
  [Surf Rock]

>ON AIR<   !)  Handsome Furs/Passport Kontrol  from  Face Control
                      on  Sub Pop  [Inde Rock]

!)  King Kahn & The Shrines/Land Of The Freak!  from  What Is ?!
  on  Vice Records  [Garage Rock]
Liars/Freak Out  from  Liars  on  Mute Records  [Expermental Rock]
Death From Above 1979/Go Home,Get Down  from  Your A Woman,
  I'm A Machine  on  Atlantic Records  [Dance-Punk]
Indian Jewelry/Climbing up the Walls  from  In Love with Loving  7"
  on  ON ON Switch  [Noise Rock]

>ON AIR<  Negativeland/Omnipotent Struggle  from  Thigmotactic  on
                     Seeland  [Experimental]

Foot Village/Crow Call (Anavan Remix]  from  Too Pure 7" Club  on Too Pure
r} X-Ray Specs/Germ Free Adolecents
Wax Taylor/Don't You Remember  from  Tales of the Forgotten Melodies
  on  Le Plan/Lab'Oratoire  [Electronic]
!) Wavves/To The Dregs  from  Wavves  on  Fat Possum Records  [Lo-Fi]

>ON AIR<  The Ramsey Lewis Trio/The In Crowd  [Jazz]

Hot Tuna/Hot Jelly Roll Blues  from  Yellow Fever  on  Grunt/RCA 
!) Double Dagger/No Alies  from  More  on  Thrill Jockey  [Post Punk]
Embrace/Spoke  from  Embrace  on  Dischord  [Post-Hardcore]
Sparks/This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both of Us  from  Kimono My
  House  on Island Records  [New Wave]

>ON AIR<  !) Condo Fucks-AKA Yo La Tengo/Shut Down Part 2  from
                    Fuck Book  on  Matador  [Shoegazing]

Brian Eno/No One Receving  from  Before & After Science  on  E. G. Records
  [Art Rock]
Muddy Waters/You Need Love  [Blues]
The Skeptics/A.F.F.C.O. from  In Love With These Times  on  Flying Nun 
  Records  [Rock]
!) Little Teeth/Japanese Candy  from  Child Bearing Years  on  Absolutely
  Kosher  [Noise Pop]
Cop Shoot Cop/Cause & Affect  from  Ask Questions Later  on  Interscope
  [Industrial Rock]




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