Friday, May 29, 2009

PLAYLIST FOR May 26th,2009

                                       George Had A Hat !      Radio  Show...

!) = New Release
r} = Request
:0 = Shout Out
[ ] = Genre

Mahavishnu Orchestra/Miles Beyond  from  Birds of Fire  on
  Columbia  [Jazz Fusion]
The Stooges/I Wanna Be Your Dog  from  Vietcong Purple Haze Intro
  on  You Tube  [Soundtrack]
Foetus/(You Got Me Confused with) Someone Who Cares  from  Flow
  on  Thirsty Ear  [Industrial]

>ON AIR<  Alan Parker/Punch Bowl  from  Sound Gallery Vol.1
                     [Easy Listening]

Torch/Vampyro  from  "Self Titled" Re-Issue  on  Robotic Empire
Pere Ubu/George Had A Hat  [Post Punk]
The Birthday Party/Friend Catcher  from "Self Titled"  on  4AD
  [Post Punk]
r} Gestapo Khazi/Smoke Signals  from  MySpace
The Lonely Duck/Futher From the End  from  MySpace

>ON AIR<  Sperm Swamp/Fermented Anal Nectar  from  If
                     Abortion is Muder,Masterbation is Genocide  on 

Fear/Lets Hav A War  from  The Record  on  Slash Records
:0 The Creepers/Baby's On Fire  from  Miserable Sinners  on 
    In Tape Records  [Post Punk]
r} The Knife/One Hit  from  Silent Shout  on  Rabid Records
Blood Brothers/Under Pressure  from  Dynamite With A Laserbeam
  [Art Punk]
Boss Hog/I'm Not Like Everybody Else  from  Suburbia Motion Picture
  [Punk Blues]

>ON AIR<  Bostich/Polaris  from  Tijuana Sessions Volume 1  on  Palm
                     [Rock Latino]

Jeff Beck/Blue Wind  from  Wired  on  Epic Records  [Instrumental Rock]
:0 Jesus Lizard/Dancing Naked Ladies  from  Liar  on Touch & Go Records
    [Noise Rock]
Battles/Dance  from  Dim Mak 2004-2005 Sampler  on  Dim Mak  
  [Expermental Rock]
That 1 Guy/Dig  from  The Moon Is Disgusting  on  Pop-Ten  [Expermental]
!) The Strange Boys/This Girl Taught Me to Dance  from  The Strange Boys &
   Girls Club  on  In The Red Records  [Garage]

>ON AIR<  Barry Gray/Thunderbirds Are Go!  from  Thunderbirds  

Straightjacket Fits/She Speeds  from  In Love With These Times  on
  Flying Nun Records
Home & Garden/King Penguin  from  History & Geography  [Alt. Rock]
The Three Johns/Death of A European  from EP  on  Abstrract Records
  [Post Punk}


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