Sunday, April 19, 2009


!) = New Release
r} = Request
[ ]= Genre

Halo Benders/Virgina Reel Around the Fountain  from The Rebels Not In  on  
K Records/[Rock]
Shelter/After Forever  from  Quest for Certainty  on  Revelation Records [Rock]
The Shakey Hands/Air Better Come  from  Lunglight  on  Kill Rock Stars
[Indie Rock]
Henry Mancini/ Mr Lucky  from  CBS TV Series  on  RCA Victor Records

Black Moses/Walk on By  from  Hot Buttered Soul  on  Stax Records [Funk]
Grinderman/Go Tell the Women  from Grinderman  on  ANTI [Alt. Rock]
No Knife/The Red Bedroom  from  No Knife/Nine Days Wonder EP  
on  Dim Mak [Alt Rock]
The Thunderlords/Eat Vegetables  from  Noisy songs for Noisy Kids  on
Thunderlords [Chlidren]
Rico/What You Talkn Bout  from   The Best of Music & Rhythm  on
Jem Records [Reggae]
Ministry/The Nature of Love(Curelty Mix)  from  The Nature of Love EP
on  Wax Trax [Dance]

Trio/Sunday You Need Love Monday Be Alone  from  Da Da Da
on  Island Records [New Wave]
Thee Oh Sees/Adult Acid  from  The Masters Bedroom Is Worth Spending
A Night In  on  Castle-Face Records [Noise Rock]
The Jackets/Get Back With You  from  Dirty Demos  on  Subversiv Records
James E Cunningham/The Hambuger Song  from  didgeridoo.diversions  on
Hoot/Wisdom Recordings [Alternative]
Wax Taylor/Stayed Tuned  from  Tales of the Frogotten Melodies  on
Decon Records [Turntablism]
Jesus Lizard/Sunday You Need Love Monday Be Alone  from  Bang  on
Touch & Go Records [Noise Rock]

!)Fever Ray/If I Had A Heart  from  Fever Ray  on  Rabid Records
Muder City Devils/One Vision of May  from  Thelma EP  on  Sup Pop
[Garage Rock]
The Teddy Bears/To Know Him Is To Love Him  from  The Sixties-Vol 2
on  Unlimited Media [Pop]
Trans Am/Out Moder  from  Liberation  on  Thrill Jockey  [Post-Rock]

Shock Headed Peters/Heart Break Hotel  from  The Kissing of the Gods
on El Records [Post Punk] 
Fantomas/04-14-05 Thursday  from  Suspended Animation  on  Ipecac
Records [Avant-Garde Metal]
Slim Gaillard/Yo Yo Yo  from  Laughing In Rhythm  on  Verve Records
Susumu Yokota/Golden Years  from  Life On Mars  
The Union of A Man & A Woman/Are Your New Shoes Fit For The New Dance
from  The Sounds Of The Union Of A Man And A Woman  on  Jagjaguwar
[Alt. Rock]


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