Tuesday, July 7, 2009



!) = New Release
r} = Request
:0 = Shout 0ut
[ ] = Genre

Laurie Anderson\ Sharky's Day FROM Mister Heart Break ON
Warner Bros. [Avant-garde]
Pere Ubu\George Had A Hat [Post Punk]
Camper Van Beethoven\ Circles FROM Self Titled ON Rough Trade
[Alt. Rock]
Camper Van Beethoven\ Dust Pan FROM Self Titled ON Rough Trade
[Alt. Rock]
r} The Organ\ Brother FROM Grab That Gun ON Mint Records [Indie Rock]

***ON AIR*** Honk\Pipeline Sequence FROM Five Summer Stories
(Film) ON Granite Music [Surf]

!) Dan Melchior Und Das Menace FROM ' Thankyou Very Much '
ON SS Records [Garage Rock]
:0 dan The Fall\Spoiled Victorian Child FROM This Nation's Saving
Grace ON Beggars Banquet [Rock]
Black Eyes\ Someone Has His Fingers Broken FROM Self Titled
ON Dischord [Punk]
Suburban Lawns\Flying Saucer Safari FROM Self Titled ON I.R.S.
Records [New Wave]
Butthole Surfers\Sweet Loaf FROM Locust Abortion Technician ON
Touch and Go [Experimental Rock]
Naked Raygun\Rat Patrol FROM Throb Throb ON Caroline Records
Fear\Let's Have A War FROM The Record ON Slash [Hardcore Punk]

***ON AIR*** ?????

Scratch Acid\ Cannibal FROM Self Titled ON Rabid Cat [Noise Rock]
r} Big Black\Sleep FROM Racer-X ON Homestead Records [Noise Rock]
Rapeman\Radar Love Lizard FROM Two Nuns and a Pack Mule ON
Touch and Go Records [Noise Rock]
Cop Shoot Cop\ $10.00 Bill FROM Ask Questions Later ON Interscope
[Industrial Rock]
:0 ken Ministry\Stigmata FROM The Land of Rape & Honey ON Sire/Warner
[Industrial Metal]
The Skeptics\ A.F.F.C.O. FROM In Love With These Times ON Flying Nun
Records [Industrial Rock]

***ON AIR*** An American Chinese\I Admit You Are Beatiful FROM
Choubi Coubi [Iraq Pop]

Roxy Music\The Thrill of It All FROM Country Life ON Island/Polydor
[Art Rock]
Boris\Statement FROM Smile ON Southern Lord Records [Stoner Rock]
Brian Eno\ Driving Me Backwards FROM Here Come The Warm Jets
ON Island Records [Art Rock]

***ON AIR*** Mandingo\Black Rite FROM The Sound Gallery Vol 1
[Easy Listening]

Danielle Dax\ Big Hallow Man (Remix) FROM Big Hallow Man ON
Cartel [Avantgarde Punk]



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