Wednesday, July 1, 2009



!) = New Release
r} = Request
:0 = Shout 0ut
[ ] = Genre

Sara Vaughan\ Summertime (UFO Remix) FROM Verve Remixed 4 ON
Verve [Jazz]
Pere Ubu\ George Had A Hat [Post Punk]
Deftones\ My Own Summer (Shove It) FROM Around The Fur ON Maverick
Records [Metal]
Animal Collective/ Summertime Clothes FROM Merriweather Post Pavilion
ON Domino [Expermental]

**ON AIR ** Indian Jewlery\ Overdrive FROM Free Gold ON Lovepump United
[Noise Rock]

:0 Sheriff John\ TV Theme Song [Children]
The Seeds\ Can't Seem To Make You Mine FROM The Seeds ON GNP
Crescendo [GARAGE ROCK]
The Seeds\ Girl I Want You FROM The Seeds ON GNP Crescendo
The Seeds\Rollin Machine FROM The Seeds ON GNP Crescendo
The Seeds\Pushin to Hard FROM The Seeds ON GNP Crescendo

***ON AIR***Mandingo\ Black Rite FROM Sound Gallery Vol. 1
[Easy Listening]

Go Home Productions\ Jacko Under Pressure FROM Jacko Under Pressure
ON Half Inch Recordings [Mash-Ups]
Britta Gartner\ Nun's Prayer FROM Mister Lonely (Film) BY Sun City Girls &
Jason Pierce [Soundtrack]
r} The Knife\ Neverland FROM Silent Shout ON Rabid Records [Electronic]
Roy Rogers\ A Gay Ranchero [Country]
The Evolution Control Committee\I Don't Care FROM Plagiarhythm
Nation ON Seeland Records [Mash-Ups]
Shorty John\Here Comes The Judge [R&B]

***ON AIR***J.Spaceman FROM Mister Lonely (Film) BY Sun City Girls &
Jason Pierce [Soundtrack]

Ministry\ The Light Pours Out Of Me FROM Animositisomina ON Sanctuary
Records [Industrial Metal]
Ministry\ Jesus Built My Hotrod FROM Psalm 69 ON Sire/Warner Bros.
Records [Industrial Metal]
Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention\ Po-Jama People FROM
One Size Fits All ON Disc Reet Records [Progressive Rock]
:0 Megasapien\Until The Dawn FROM myspace [Rock]
The Push Stars\Drunk is Better Than Dead FROM After The Party ON
Capital Records [Alt. Rock]
Three Mile Pilot\On A Ship To Bangladesh FROM Self Titled ON Gravity
Records [Indie Rock]
Rainbow Arabia\Holiday In Cango FROM myspace

***ON AIR*** Ramsey Lewis Trio\ The In Crowd [Jazz]

Black Heart Procession\ We Always Knew FROM Three ON Touch & Go
[Indie Rock]



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