Thursday, August 6, 2009


GEORGE HAD A HAT... Homework

[ ] = GENRE

Arthur Conley \ Funky Street FROM Sock It To 'Em Soul ON Atlantic
Pere Ubu \ George Had A Hat [Post Punk]
Big Black \ The Crack FROM Lungs ON Touch & Go [Noise-Rock]
The Blood Brothers \ Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck FROM Crimes
ON V2 Records [Art Punk]
r} Boris \ Laser Beam FROM Smile ON Sourthern Lord [Rock & Roll]
Boss Hog \ I'm Not Like Everybody Else FROM Suburbia Soundtrack
!) Double Dagger\ No Allies FROM More ON Thrill Jockey [Art-Rock]
Mission of Burma \ Trem Two FROM Definitive Editions Compilation
On Matador [American -Punk]

**** ON AIR **** Fuck Buttons \ Ribs Out FROM Street Horrsing ON
ATP Lable [Post-Rock]

!) Abe Vigoda \ House FROM Reviver ON PPM Records [Tropical-Rock]
Pailhead \ Man Should Surrender FROM Trait ON Wax Trax
!) Japanther \ Um Like Your Smile Is Totally Ruling Me FROM Tut Tut,
Now Shake Ya Butt [Punk-Rock]
:0 The Black Keys \ Remember When FROM Attack & Release ON
Nonesuch [Blues-Rock]
Wiseblood \ Someone Drowned In My Pool FROM Dirtdish
Cop Shoot Cop \ Furnace FROM Ask Questions Later ON Interscope
Them \ Baby Please Don't Go FROM Them ON Decca Records [Rock & Roll]
Pere Ubu \ Heart of Darkness FROM Terminal Tower [Post-Punk]
Mai Ami \ The Man In Your House FROM Watersports ON Quarterstick
Caustic Resin \ Shit Brown Eyes FROM Self Titled [Indie Rock]
Brian Eno / Help Me Somebody FROM My Life In The Bush of Ghost ON
Nonesuch Records

****ON AIR **** Easy Star All Stars \ Time Version [Reggae]

Paik \ Phantoms FROM Monster of the Absolute ON Strange Attractors
Audio House [Space Rock]
The Rakes \ Something Clicked and I Fell Off the Edge FROM Capture/
Release ON V2 Records [Post-Punk]
:0 The Scientest \ This Is My Happy Hour FROM Blood Red River ON
Au-Go-Go [Post Punk]
!) Cymbals Eat Guitars \ ... And The Hazy Sea FROM Why There Are
Mountains [Indie-Rock]



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