Wednesday, September 9, 2009



!) = New Release
r} = Request
:0 = Shout Out
[ ] = Genre

Robert Fripp \ Exposure FROM Exposure ON
- Discipline Us [Progressive Rock]
Shock Headed Peters \ Wheel In The Bait FROM Not
- Born Beautiful ON El Records [Post Punk]
The Thunderlords \ Eat Vegetables FROM Noisy Songs
- For Noisy Kids [Children]
Pere Ubu \ George Had A Hat [Post Punk]

@@@ ON AIR @@@ Quintron \ No Love FROM The
- Frog Tapes ON Skin Graft Records [Noise Rock]

!) Hornet Leg \ Ribbon Of Fear FROM Ribbon Of Fear
- ON K Records [Indie Rock]
Grinderman / Electric Alice FROM Self Titled ON Mute
- [Rock]
Prosperity Wallet \ Predator FROM Electric Noose ON
- Grayflight [Indie Rock]

@@@ ON AIR @@@ Duke Robillard \ Stoned [Jazz]

Big Black \ Sleep FROM Racer-X EP ON Homestead
- Records [Noise Rock]
Shellac \ Be Prepared FROM Excellent Italian
- Grayhound ON Touch & Go [ Noise Rock]
Hella \ Hello Great Architect Of the Universe FROM The
- Devil Isn't Red ON 5 Hue Christine [Math Rock]
r} Flowerpot Men \ Jo's So Mean FROM Self Titled ON
- Link Records
Jesus Lizard \ Monkey Trick FROM Goat ON Touch &
- Go Records [Noise Rock]

@@@ ON AIR @@@ Black Rite \ Mandingo [Lounge]

Surf City \ Headin' Inside FROM Self Titled EP
The Beat Meters \ Compared To What [Jazz]
Billy Cox & Buddy Miles \ Manic Depression [Rock]
Erin McKeown \ If Your A Viper [Jazz]
Condo Fucks \ What'cha Gonna Do About FROM
- Fuckbook ON Matador Records [Noise Pop]
:0 The Evolution Control Comm... \ I Wanna Cookie
- FROM Plagiarythm Nation Vol.2

@@@ ON AIR @@@ Barry Gary \ Desperate Intruder
- [Soundtrack]

Laughing Hyenas \ Stain FROM Come Down To The
- Merry Go Round ON Touch & Go [Indie Rock]
Dead Low Tide \ ill Eagle FROM 7" [Rock]
Coachwhips \ Cops,Uh, Uh FROM Peanut Butter &
- Jelly ON [Garage]
The Fall \ Pat-Trip Dispenser AND C.R.E.E.P. FROM
- C.R.E.E.P. EP

@@@ ON AIR @@@ FRANK BLACK \ Tossed FROM
- Self Titled ON Elektra [Alt. Rock]



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