Tuesday, September 29, 2009


RADIO SHOW 11am to 1pm tues...

!) = New Release
r} = Request
:0 = Shout Out
[ ] =Genre

Meat Puppets \ Never To Be Found FROM Too High
- to Die ON London Records [Indie Rock]
Pere Ubu \ George Had A Hat FROM The Tenement
- Years ON Fontana [Post Punk]
Catt Butt \ Maximo FROM Journey To The Center Of
- ON Sub Pop [Indie Rock]
!) Yo La Tengo \ Periodically Double or Triple FROM
- Popular Songs ON Matador [Indie Rock]

:::} ON AIR {::: Cal Tjader \ Soul Sauce [Jazz]

r} Butthole Surfers \ Sweatloaf FROM Locust Abortion
- Technican ON Touch and Go [Avant Punk]
Coachwhips \ What Do They Eat? FROM Peanut Butter
- & Jelly (Live) ON Narnack Records [Garage Rock]
Ministry \ Stigmata FROM Specially Priced Maxi-Single
- ON Sire [Industrial]
:0 Big Black \ Kerosene FROM Atomizer ON Homestead
- Records [Noise Rock]
Boris \ Buzz-In FROM Smile ON Southern Lord
- [Stoner Rock]

:::} ON AIR {::: Barry Gary \ Desperate Intruder
- FROM Thunderbirds [Soundtrack]

Cop Shoot Cop \ Suprise,Suprise FROM Ask Questions
- Later ON Interscope [Industrial Rock]
The Kills \ Cheap & Cheerful FROM Midnight Boom
The Kills \ M.E.X.I.C.O.C.U. FROM Midnight Boom
- ON Domino [Indie Rock]
French Miami \ God Damm Best FROM Self Titled ON
- Take Root Records [Indie Rock]
Frank Zappa \ I'm the Slime FROM Over-Nite
- Sensation ON DiscReet Records [Jazz Fusion]
The Dead Weather \ Are Friends Electric? FROM Hang
- From The Heavens Ep ON Third Man Records [Indie Rock]

:::} ON AIR {::: I Didn't \ Write [It Down]

Eek-A-Mouse \ I Love Weed FROM Eek-A-Speeka
- [Raggae]
The Jesus Lizard \ Sunday You Need Love FROM Bang
- ON Touch & Go [Noise Rock]
Don Redman \ Reefer Man FROM Reefer Madness
- [Soundtrack]
Foetus \ Heuldoch FROM Flow ON Thirsty Ear
- [Big Band]



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