Saturday, October 10, 2009



[ ] = GENRE

The Bran Flakes \ Hi FROM I Have Friends ON
- Illegal Art [Sound Collage]
The Jesus Lizard \ Monkey Trick FROM Goat ON
- Touch & Go [Alt. Rock]
Dick Dale \ Third Stone From The Sun [Rock]

ON AIR The Bran Flakes \ Fun Land Five FROM
- I Don't Have A Friend [Sound Collage]

Pere Ubu \ George Had A Hat FROM The Tenement
- Years ON Fontana [Post Punk]
!) Built To Spill \ Aisle 13 FROM There Is No Enemy
- ON Warner Bros [Indie Rock]
:0 Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band \ The
- Floppy Boot Stomp FROM Shiny Beast ON Virgin
- [Experimental Rock]
:0 Free Kitten \ Oh Bondage Up Yours FROM 7" ON
- Sympathy For the Record Industry [Punk]
^0^ Fish Karma \ Lunch With The Devil FROM
- Sunnyslope ON Triple X Records [Comedy Rock]

ON AIR Human Host \ Smoke Screen FROM Creature
- Mountain ON Firecracker Firecracker Records [Indie]

Japanther \ See Evil FROM Skuffed Up My Huffy ON
- Menlo Park Lable [Pop Punk]
CAN \ Mushroom FROM Tago Mago ON United Artist
- [Krautrock]
The Fall \ Slang King FROM The Wonderful &
- Frightening World of The Fall ON Beggers Banquet
- [College Rock]
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry \ Hollow Eyes FROM 7" ON
- Red Rhino Records [Post Punk]
^0^ Fear \ Let's Have A War FROM The Record
- ON Slash [Hardcore Punk]

ON AIR MOOG \ The Topless Dancers of Corfu FROM
- Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman ON ABC Records [Pop]

Don Cabellero \ Pour You Into The Rug FROM
- Punkgasm ON Relapse [Math Rock]
The Hombres \ Let It All Hang Out FROM 7" ON
- Eric Records [Rock]
Full load of King \ Ride A Wave To Uranus FROM
- Comfort Cake ON Comfort Stand [Sound Collage]
The Creepers \ Derbyshire FROM Rock & Roll Liquorice
- Flavor ON Red Rhino Records [Rock]
Frank Zappa \ Uncle Remus FROM Apostrophe (') ON
- DiscReetRecords [Rock]
!) Mission of Burma \ 1,2,3, Partyy! FROM The Sound
- The Speed of Light ON Matador Records [Post-Punk]

ON AIR Cal Tjader \ Soul Sauce (Guachi Guara) [Latin
- Jazz]

God Lives Underwater \ Rearrange FROM Life In The
- So-Called Space Age ON A&M [Techno]
Form of Rocket \ My Name Is A Killing Word FROM Se
- Puede Despedir A Todos ON Independent [Rock]
Animal Collective \ Who Would Win A Rabbit FROM 7"
- ON FatCat Records [Psychedelic Pop]
^0^ Hella \ Better Get A Broom FROM Hold Your Horse
- Is ON 5 Rue Christine [Avant-Garde]
Big Black \ Passing Complection FROM Atomizer ON
- Touch & Go [Noise Rock]
:0 Hi-Lo's \ Button Up Your Overcoat [Pop]

ON AIR William S. Burroughs & Gus Van Sant \
- The Hipster Be-Bop Junkie ON Singles Only Lable



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