Thursday, April 1, 2010


NOON to 2pm !!!

[ ] = GENRE

Battles \ Dance FROM B EP ON Dim Mak Records
- [Math-Rock]
Soledad Brothers \ Goin Back To Memphis FROM
- Dim Mak 2003 Sampler ON Dim Mak [Garage-Rock]
Pere Ubu \ GeorgeHad A Hat FROM Tenement Years
- ON Fontana Records [Post-Punk]
Captain Beef Heart & His Magic Band \ I'm Glad
- FROM Safe As Milk ON Buddah Records [Blues-Rock]
Diego Davalos \ Looking For Cesar Chavez FROM
- Unnamed Bones Unnamed Poems [Spoken Word]
Fugazi \ The Kill FROM The Argument ON Dischord
- Records [Post Hardcore]
El Vez \ Cesar Chavez FROM Graciasland [Rock]
Los Tigres del Norte \ Cesar Chavez FROM
- Mi Buena Suerte [Norteno]
Pigface \ Spanish Lesson (mix 3) FROM Best Of Pigface
- ON Invisible Records [Industrial]

+++ ON AIR +++ Bostich & Fussible \ Akia 47 FROM
- Nortec Collective [Techno-Norteno]

Butthole Surfers \ Jet Fighter FROM Weird Revolution
- ON Hollywood Records [Art Punk]
Tones On Tale \ War FROM The Album Pop ON
- Beggars Banquet Records [Gothic-Rock]
B'O'K \ I'm Very Afraid FROM Afraid Of Enduring
- Freedom ON Illegal Art [Mashup]
Cop Shoot Cop \ Surprise,Surprise FROM Ask
- Questions Later ON Interscope [Industrial Rock]
Mose Allison \ I Don't Worry About A Thing FROM
- The Best Of ...[Jazz]
Death From Above \ We Don't Sleep At Night FROM
- Romantic Rights EP ON Sound Virus Records
- [Indie-Rock]
r The Fall \ Arm Control Poseur FROM Extricate ON
- Phonogram [Rock]
McLusky \ Without MSG I Am Nothing FROM
- mcluskyism (3 Volume Set) ON Too Pure [Alt...]

+++ ON AIR +++ ! Angelo Spencer \ Northwest
- FROM & Les Hauts Sommets ON K Records
- [Trance-Tropical-Punk]

1000 Homo Dj's \ Supernaut FROM 12"Single Ep ON
- Wax Trax [Industrial Rock]
:0 Joe Gibbs \ Doctor Feelgood FROM Anthology
- 1967-1979 [Reggae]
David Peel & The Lower East Side \ Show Me The
- Way To Get Stoned FROM Have A Marijuana [Rock]
Ron Sunshine \ Coffee & Reefer FROM Deluxe [Jazz]
William S. Burroughs & Gus Van Sant \ The Hipster
- Be-Bop Junkie FROM 7" Millions Of Images ON SOL
- Records [Spoken Word]

+++ ON AIR +++ ! Angelo Spencer \ Did You Hear The
- Sound Of ... FROM Les Hauts Sommets ON K Records
- [Trance-Trop-Punk]

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band \ The Intro & The Outro
- FROM Gorilla ON EMI Records [Rock]
! 60 Watt Kid \ Pressure FROM We Come From The
- Bright Side ON Absolutely Kosher [Alternative]
Ministry \ The Light Pours Out Of Me FROM
- Animositisomina ON Sanctuary Records [Industrial]
:0 The Stooges \ T.V. Eye (Take 9) FROM 7" ON
- Elektra [Hard-Rock]



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