Wednesday, June 30, 2010



t = T00 4 tuesday
[ ] = GENRE

Dinosaur Jr. / The Wagon FROM Green Mind ON
- Blanco y Negro [Alt. Rock]
! Black Francis / Six Legged Man FROM Nonstoperotik
! The Soft Pack / Answer to Yourself FROM Self Titled
- ON Kemado [Indie Rock]

%%% ON AIR %%%

r Jonny Roundhouse / This Summer Won't Be A
- Bummer [Surf Rock]
Ponytail / Beg Waves FROM Ice Cream Spiritual ON
- We Are Free [Noise Pop]
Pregnant / Do That FROM Liquidation of Swans ON
- Lifes Blood [Indie Rock]
Birthday Party / Release the Bats FROM 12" EP ON
- 4AD [Post-Punk]

%%% ON AIR %%%

:0 Ministry / The Land of Rape and Honey FROM
- The Land of Rape and Honey ON Sire/Warner Bros.
- [Industrial Metal]
The Coach Whips / Hands On The Controls FROM
- Hands On The Controls ON Black Apple Records
- [Garage]
t Todd Rundgren / Does Anybody Love You? FROM
- A Wizard, a True Star ON Bearsville [Art Rock]
t The Fall / Spoiled Victorian Child FROM This Nations
- Saving Grace ON Warner Bros. [Post Punk]
t ! The Fall / O.F.Y.C. Showcase FROM Your Future Our
- Clutter ON Domino Records [Post Punk]

%%% ON AIR %%%

:0 Don Cabellero / Slaughbaugh's Ought Not Own Dog
- Data FROM Punkasm ON Relapse [Math Rock]
r Magazine / I Love You You Big Dummy FROM The
- Peel Sessions [Post Punk]
t Todd Rundgren / International Feel FROM A Wizard,
- a True Star ON Bearsville [Power Pop]
Jesus Lizard / Chrome FROM Bang ON Touch & Go
- [Noise Rock]
The Flowerpot Men / Jo's So Mean FROM 12"EP
Jaguar Love / Don't Die Alone FROM Hologram Jams
- ON Fat PossumRecords [Dance Punk]
T-Rex / Rock On FROM The Slider ON EMI [Glam Rock]
! Tame Impala / Solitude Is Bliss FROM Innerspeaker
- ON Modular Recordings [Psychedelic Rock]
Frank Zappa / Disco Boy FROM Zoot Allures FROM
- ON Warner Bros. [Disco]
%%% ON AIR %%%

Wire / Comet FROM Read & Burn EP ON Pink Flag
- [Rock]



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