Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Thin White Rope / Some Velvet Morning FROM
- Spore ON
The Downfalls / All the Way FROM Last Night
- ON My Space [Rock]
July 14th / Me & My Gun FROM 7" ON Greasy Pop
- Records [Post Punk]
Pere Ubu / George Had A Hat FROM Tenement Years
- ON Fontana [Post Punk]
:0 Jonny Roundhouse / This Summer Won't Be A
- Bummer FROM MySpace
! Nails / 88 Lines About 44 Women FROM Hotel Women
- ON
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry / Talk About The Weather
- FROM Talk About The Weather ON Red Rhino Records
- [Post Punk]

$$$ ON AIR $$$

The Stranglers / Mad Hatter FROM Aural Sculpture ON
- Epic Records [Rock]
The Kills / Fried My Little Brains FROM Keep On Your
- Mean Side
r Bob Marley / Kinky Reggae FROM Catch A Fire ON
- Island Records [Reggae]
:0 The Stranglers / Under The Name of Spain FROM
- Aural Sculpture ON Epic Records [Rock]
! Mark Sultan / Icicles FROM $ ON Last Gang Records
- [Garage]
Hornet Leg / We're So Ugly FROM Ribbon of Fear ON
- K Records [Surf/Punk]
The Jackets / Get Back With You FROM Self Titled ON
- Subversiv Records [Garage/Psych]
Thee Oh See's / Visit Colonel FROM The Master's
- Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In ON Tomlab
- Records [Noise Rock]

}}} ON AIR {{{

Ten Years After / Positive Vibrations FROM Positive
- Vibrations ON Chrysalis Records [Blues/Rock]
:0 Negativeland / By Truck FROM Thigmotactic ON
- Seeland [Sound Collage]
Surfer Blood / Swim FROM Astro Coast ON Kanine
- Records [Surf/Rock]
Ruth Wallis / Admiral's Daughter FROM Boobs [Risque]
Big Black / Kerosene FROM Atomizer ON Homestead
- Records [Noise Rock]
Eek-A-Mouse / I Love Weed FROM Eek-A-Speeka [Reggae]
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band / I'm Glad FROM
- Safe As Milk ON Buddah Records [Psych Rock]

}}} ON AIR {{{

Liars / It Fit When I Was A Kid FROM 7" ON Mute
- [Dance Punk]
r Jonny Roundhouse / You & Your Chihuahua
- ON Myspace [Surf Rock]
Tindersticks / Dying Slowly FROM Can Our Love ...
- ON Beggars Banquet [Indie]
:0 George Peguero / Keep On Dancing Cha Cha Cha
- With A CH



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