Wednesday, January 12, 2011


(really big)

: 0 = SHOUT 0UT

Ministry / Reload FROM Filth Pig ON Wax Trax!
- [Industrial Metal]
! Grinderman / Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man
- FROM Grinderman 2 ON Mute Records [Garage Rock]
The Soft Boys / I Wanna Destroy You FROM
- Underwater Moonlight ON Matador [Post Punk]
:0 The Fadies / Spit Nerves [Grime Pop]

ON AIR %%%% ! Bikini / R.I.P. FROM Rip jds
- ON Lefse [Expermental]

Prosperity Wallet / Predator FROM Electric Noose
- ON Grey Flight Records [Indie Rock]
Pere Ubu / George Had A Hat FROM Tenement Years
- ON Fontana [Expermental Rock]
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band / Electricty
- FROM Safe as Milk ON Buddah [Expermental]
Awesome Color / Transparent FROM Massa Hypnos
- ON Ecstatic Peace [Garage Rock]
: 0 Wiseblood / Someone Drowned in My Pool FROM
- Dirtdish ON Some Bizzare [Industrial Metal]
Butthole Surfers / The Weird Revolution FROM
- Weird Revolution ON Surfdog Records [Avant-Punk]
Time Zone / World Destruction FROM Ep ON
- Celluloid [Hip Hop]

ON AIR %%% Reporter / Love Sounds FROM Time
- Incredible ON Holocene Music [Synth-Rock]

Black Eyes / Someone Has His Fingers Broken
- FROM Self Titled ON Dischord Records
- [Post-Hardcore]
r Bucky Halker / Big Rock Candy Mountain
r Harry McClintock / Big Rock Candy Mountain
r Rangers / Big Rock Cand Mountain
James Brown / I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me
- Nothing (Open the Door, I'll Get It Myself) FROM
- ON Ain't That A Groove [Soul]
Jonny Roundhouse / Pirana Party [Rock]
Husker Du / Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonley
- FROM 12" Ep ON Warner Bros. [Alt. Rock]

ON AIR %%% Si Zenter / Mr. Lucky [Soundtrack]

Tupelo Chain Sex / Everydays A Holiday FROM
- Ja Jazz On Selma Records [Punk/Jazz]
Nobunny / Breathe FROM First Blood ON Goner
- Records [Power-Pop]
Pregnant / Liquidation On Swans FROM Liquidation
- Liquidation On Swans ON Life's Blood [Alt.]
Man Man / Hurly-Burley FROM Rabbit Habit ON
- Anti Records [Expermental Rock]
Tupelo Chain Sex / Freight Train FROM Ja Jazz ON
- Selma [Punk/Jazz]
! Soft Circle / Nerve of People FROM Shore Obsessed
- ON Post Present Medium [Expermental Rock]
! Grinderman / Worm Tamer FROM Grinderman 2
- ON Mute Records [Garage Rock]
Melvins / The Kicking Machine FROM Nude With Boots
- ON Ipecac [Sludge Metal]
Zach Hill / Total Recall FROM Face Tat ON Sargent
- House [Math Rock]
Big Business / Eis Hexe FROM Head For the Shallow
- ON Hydra Head [Stoner Rock]
The Meat Puppets / New Gods FROM Meat Puppets II
- ON SST Records [Cow Punk]

ON AIR %%% Wes Montgomery / Goin On To Detroit
- [Soul Jazz]

Pidgeon / Worms FROM Might as Well Go Eat Worms
- ON Absolutely Kosher Records [Pop-Noise]
Little Dragon / My Step FROM Daytrotter Sessions
- 06/07/2010 (also) Machine Dreams ON Peacefrog [Trip Hop]
Mission Of Burma / 1, 2, 3, Party FROM The Sound The
- Speed The Light ON Matador Records [Post Punk]
Alvin Lee / Time and Space FROM Pump Iron ON
- Columbia [Blues Rock]
Alvin Lee / Burnt Fungus FROM Pump Iron ON
- Columbia [Blues Rock]



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