Wednesday, February 2, 2011



:0 = SHOUT 0UT
*} = Georgie GOODIES

*} Hanni El Khatib / Dead Wrong FROM Dead Wrong
- 7" [Blues/Garage/Thrash]
Happy Birthday / Girls FM FROM Daytrotter Studio
- 01/07/2011 ON Sub POP [Pop/Rock]
Brother Lloyd's All Stars / The Tramp FROM
- Strange Breaks & Mr Thing ON BBE Music [R&B]
Ty Segall / Don't Talk to Me FROM Daytrotter Studio
- 12/28/2010 [Folk/Garage/Psych]
Orgone / Crazy Queen FROM Cali Fever ON Ubiquity
- Records [Funk/Soul]
Carla Thomas & Otis Redding / Tramp FROM Only
- In America ON Atlantic [Soul]
*} Fadies / Creepin USA FROM Fadies Ep Self Release
- [Grime Pop]
John Dawson Winter III / Tramp FROM Winter
- Essentials 1960-1967 Vol. 2 [Electric Blues]
Lowell Fulson / Tramp FROM The Modern Records
- Blues Story [Blues]
Slim Gaillard / Yo Yo Yo FROM Laughing in Rhythm
- ON Verve [Be-Bop]
The Grits / Tramp FROM The Grits ON Freestyle
- Records [Jazz]
Buddy Guy / Tramp FROM Sweet Tea ON Silvertone
- Records [Blues]
Orgone / Sandstorm FROM Cali Fever ON Ubiquity
- Records [Funk/Soul]


Zach Hill / Memo to the Man FROM Face Tat ON
- Sargent House [Industrial]
:0 Husker Du / Green Eye's FROM Flip Your Wig
- ON SST [Post Punk]
Cows / Finished Again FROM Sorry In Pig Minor ON
- Amphetamine Reptile [Noise Rock]
*} Whalers / That Rabbit FROM How the Ship Goes
- Down ON Rollo & [Garage Rock]
Calexico / Corona FROM Convict Pool ON Quaterstick
- Records [Indie Rock]
*} Hannie El Khatib / Loved One FROM Will The Guns
- Come Out ON Innovative Leisure Records
- [Garage/Blues/Thrash]
Husker Du / Devide And Conquer FROM Flip Your Wig
- ON SST Records [Punk/Rock]
:0 Bongwater / Ride My See-Saw FROM Breaking No
- New Ground! ON Shimmy Disk [Psych Rock]


Battles / Atlas (Dj Koze remix) [Expermental Rock]
r Canned Heat / Amphetamine FROM Boogie with
- Canned Heat ON Liberty [Boogie Rock]
:0 Steve Marriott's Pie Band / Stone Cold Fever
- FROM Performance Rockin' the Filmore ON A&M
- Records [Hard Rock]
John Mayall / Room to Move FROM The Turning
- Point ON Polydor [Blues]
The Black Keys / Chop & Change FROM
- Rollo & Grady [Blues Rock]
*} Devin Therriault / In My Solitude (demo)
- [Garage Rock]
Animal Collective / Did You See The Words FROM
- Feels ON FatCat [Art Rock]
Devil Eyes / Rip My Heart Out FROM Self Titled ON
- Signed by Force [Rock]
Grinderman / Bellringer Blues FROM Grinderman 2
- ON Mute [Alt. Rock]


Quintron / No Love FROM The Frog Tape ON
- Skin Graft Records [Indie Rock]
Willis / Word Up FROM Rewind! Vol. 4 ON
- Ubiquity Recordings [Soul/Funk]
*} Girl Talk / Oh No FROM All Day (radio edit) ON
- Illegal Art [Pop]
*} Girl Talk / Let It Out FROM All Day (radio edit)
- ON Illegal Art [Pop]
The Books / Group Autogenics I FROM The Way
- Out ON Temporary Residence Ltd. [Rock]
*} Girl Talk / That's Right (radio edit) FROM
- All Day ON Illegal Art [Pop]



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