Thursday, February 16, 2012


Happy V.D. 2012

88.9 fm in Irvine

( ! ) = NEW ADD or RELEASE
( r ) = REQUEST

Trio / Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't
- Love Me Aha Aha Aha FROM Da Da Da [Disco]
Air / Playground Of Love [Indie]
Freak Accident / Bye Bye FROM The Freak Accident
- ON Alternative Tentacles [Punk]
Jeff The Brotherhood / Wastoid Girl FROM We Are
- the Champions ON Infinty Cat Records [Rock]
Cop Shoot Cop / Everybody You Love FROM Ask
- Questions Later ON Interscope [Industrial Rock]
Pere Ubu / George Had A Hat [Bitchen]
The Gun Club / She's Like Heroin To Me FROM
- Fire Of Love ON Slash Records [Punk]
( r ) Ichabod & the Cranes / The Turtle [Rock]


Morphine / Free Love FROM Yes [Alt. Rock/Jazz]
( r ) Thee Oh Sees / Pleasure Blimps FROM
- Castlemania [Punk]
Otis Fodder / My Valentine FROM Music To Drive
- Cross Country [Easy Listening]
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Lovely Creatures FROM
- Murder Ballads [Alt. Rock]
Linda Perry / Dirty Love FROM The Frank Zappa
- aaafnraa Birthday Bundle [Rock]


( r ) My Bloody Valentine / Feed Me Your Kiss FROM
- Isn't Anything ON Relativity Records [Shoegazing]
King Khan & The BBQ Show / Anala FROM Self Titled
- [Garage Rock]
Ministry / Radar Love FROM Cover-Up [Noise Rock]
Jeff Beck and the Yard Birds / Someone To Love FROM
- Shapes Of Things ON Spring Board [Rock]
The Bran Flakes / Perversion For Profit FROM Bounces
Ministry / Work For Love FROM With Sympathy [Dance]


STDS / Theme Song [Educational]
Pailhead / Ballad FROM Side Trax [Rock]
Tune-Yards / Doorstep FROM WHOKILL [Indie Rock]
Nocturnal Emissions / No Sacrifice FROM 12" Ep ON
- Sterile Records [Industrial]
Pere Ubu / My Girlfriend's Back [Post-Punk]
Quintron / No Love FROM The Frog Tapes [Alt.]
Wade Curtiss & The Rhythm Rockers/ Puddy Cat FROM
- I Hate CD's: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Coll. Vol 1 [Rock]
The Jesus Lizard / Sunday You Need Love FROM Bang ON
- Touch & Go [Noise Rock]
Trio / Sunday You Need Love
The Mills Brothers / Jeepers Creepers [Easy Listening]
New Order / Love Vigilantes FROM Low-Life [Alt.]



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